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Strategy to Action

Execute Ruthlessly

Time and again we see organisations spend huge amounts of effort and money in developing robust strategic or business plans. However in many of these instances, unfortunately the organisation find it hard to meet their desired goals or outcomes…not because the plan was flawed but the execution or implementation was not disciplined.

In order that success can be achieved at toughproblem, we are strong believers of establishing:


Strong Governance Structure


Initiatives that are clear & specific in regards to their intent, financial benefits & costs, timeframe and risks & issues


A change program that supports the transition, and


A Robust Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting mechanism that is easy to use (and doesn’t require rocket scientist to operate!)

Hornet – Part of the solution

HORNET has been developed using our experience gained through large projects including Integrations and Mergers, Cost Reduction Programs, Strategic/ Business Plans and large BAU programs of work.

It is proving to be an extremely valuable tool for providing consistent, transparent at Board, Executive and Business Unit level. It also drives accountability throughout the organisation.

But it is not the be all and end all!

Whilst we encourage building strong reporting framework, HORNET does more, it allows the necessary conversations to take place with the various stakeholders as you now have a ‘single source of truth’ to work from which is transparent to all.

Sounds simple doesn’t it, which is why it is part of our innovative strategy & design DNA

Our Experts are always ready to work with you

Contact Our Team For a Free Consultation

Our Experts are always ready to work with you

Contact Our Team For a Free Consultation

Tough Problem helped us rapidly accelerate a corporate integration process. They listened to the brief, responded with a sense of urgency & quality, assembled the right team for our needs & commenced working with us in a true partnership fashion. The proven techniques, processes, training materials and tools they provided, enabled us to quickly get on with it. [Tough Problem] offer a practical, accessible, adaptable consulting service which helped QSuper achieve its objectives through a new and innovative approach.

Tracey McFarlandHead of Integration Program

I knew that tough Problem would bring a pragmatic approach to designing, documenting and implementing our requirements, and that they would be capable of completing this intensive piece of work within the prescribed deadlines... They compiled a response that was both comprehensive & addressed The Rock’s requirements, but they also positioned it to meet the future needs of our organisation. Overall, they delivered a great “fit for purpose” outcome for The Rock.

Stuart McDonaldFmr CEO , The Rock

Tough Problem was engaged by the C&K Association Limited’s Board to undertake a strategic and operational review following the resignation of the former CEO. After working with the Tough Problem team, the leadership team gained a better understanding of the business and the service to our key stakeholders. The guidance and assistance they gave us in developing focused initiatives to improve our total organisation was invaluable. Tough Problem was able to provide key insight on parts of the business that surprised a number of our long standing employees! They are a master of turning complexity in simplicity. With the help of Tough Problem we were able to improve our overall service to the front line staff, our head office accountability to each other and generate the largest surplus in C&K history. It was a great team to have around in our time of need.

Mel ComerfordActing CEO C&K Association Limited