human-centred design for growth

Some companies seem to have an uncanny ability to build product and service experiences that mean something to their customers, stand out from the competition and allow them to charge a premium. 

These companies would say that innovation comes from the quality of the questions you ask, not the number of ideas cap­tured in an ideas box. This is the core of Human-Centred Design.

We provide Human-Centred Design Consulting, Coaching and Courses to help you deliver innovative outcomes and build this capability in your organisation. We've used this approach to get people up to speed and delivering innovative outcomes in large organisations and small.

The Core of Human-Centred Design

Problem Framing 
We collaborate to understand the business context and intent so we have focus and direction.

We then engage and interact with our customers and users to understand the problem we are solving for them.

This will inspire ideas and concepts that will be useful, usable and desirable for them.

Rapid Prototyping
We co-design and test those ideas with our customers to progressively refine the design through a rapid series of iterations.

and track
We develop a rollout plan and evaluate the value created for the customer and our business.


Starting @ RSL Care  

A 48% New Employee Failure rate (new employees leaving within 6-8 months of appointment) at RSL Care, Queensland was financially unnerving. It was also unsettling for RSL Care’s clients and existing employees.  

The decision to use a Human-Centred design methodology to explore, understand and define the problem through the perspectives of their customers caused jitters. But the opportunity to move from ‘traditional, knee-jerk’ solutions was enticing.

* RSL Care Queensland slashes its New Employee failure rate by over 50% and makes a MASSIVE financial saving.