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Get the big picture or dive into the detail – You Choose

Your team develops the strategies and projects which you are confident will meet the business challenges your organisation is facing, but as time passes, three things usually happen in managing the program of work. Firstly, as a leader you get caught in the day to day issues and end up losing sight of the big picture. Secondly, you are bombarded with templates and reports which make it difficult to separate the ‘noise from the key ‘signals’ and thirdly, you don’t want to wait until the end of each month to know where the program is at. The result is a program of work which can go off the rails leading to reactive rather than proactive decision-making or worse.

Enter Hornet, a cloud-based Tracking and Reporting Tool developed using our experience gained through large projects including Integrations and Mergers, Cost Reduction Programs, Strategic/Business Plans and large BAU programs of work. With its outstanding reporting function, Hornet enables you to see the big picture as well being able to drill down into the detail.

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Reports designed to enhance decision-making

Hornet provides valuable reporting information on the progress and performance of initiatives for all stakeholders including Boards, CEOs, GM’s, Project Managers and other key stakeholders. Because its cloud-based, you have everything at your fingertips and in real time including:

  • Program of work summary reports
  • Project managers status reports
  • Milestone completion reports
  • Cost & Benefits at initiative or program level
  • Risk, issues and summary reports
  • and more

Hornet Report Benefits-and-Costs-Cumulative.pdf
Hornet Report Sample Gantt Chart.pdf
Hornet Report Sample-Imp Phase.pdf
Hornet Report Status Red-to-Green.pdf