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Peoplecare - Case Study

During 2012 Peoplecare a niche player in the Health Insurance sector engaged toughproblem to help it design and deliver a unique member experience.


At some stage, even a niche player is bound to attract attention if they consistently demonstrate industry outperformance. 

Collective Action Toolkit

Nov 26 2012

Another great resource for any Design Thinking strategist or practitioner. 

This toolkit was created to help community leaders bring together groups to solve shared problems and act on them. 

The Customer Experience - TP Newsletter May 2012

May 30 2012

The Customer Experience Download the Full Article: by Tough Problem - Newsletter  May 2012 Tough-Problem-Newsletter-May-2012 We literally encounter hundreds of 'designs' on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Just think of all the objects, services or experiences you consume or interact with and you quickly realise that you can’t escape design. Buying a coffee, travelling on the train, brushing your teeth, going to the dentist, booking a flight on-line, paying a bill, buying a present and so on, have ALL been designed….The question from our perspective as a users of those experiences should be, “what makes a good design?”. In this edition learn more about the importance of Good Design, including topics suc ...

Midway Sales - Case Study

One of our clients, Midway Sales, is Australia’s largest importer and retailer of Chinese tractors and a fully Australian owned and operated family business.


Using the A two B process Midway Sales was able to refocus its core purpose, re-energise the directors as well has a clear strategic roadmap with planned goals to reach success.

D School

We came across this link to one of our favourite Design Thinking organisation. 

D.School at Stanford University institute of Design has put out a 3 part series of putting Design Thinking to Work

D.School Bootcamp

Written by Institute of Design at Stanford University this is a working document that captures some of the teaching of “design thinking”

This 36 page document covers each mode of a human-centred design, and describes a number of methods which supports your design thinking processes.

RSL Care - New Employee Experience - Case Study

The Starting @ RSL Care project team formed in late 2009 to understand what was happening in the space of induction and orientation. The team began to learn and apply a new methodology – Human-Centred Design, to understand the problem.  At this point in time, the team has been through the first three phases of the Design process: Problem Definition, Discovery-Immersion and Creation. 

The current New Employee Pathway has been designed based on the findings from interviews conducted with new employees in July. This pathway outlines the current experience a new employee has when starting at RSL Care. This has led the team to a number of insights/principles that any solution must meet to improve induction/orientation at RSL Care. Ideas have been developed based on this pathway and the findings from the interview process.  

3 Paths to Open Innovation - Booz&Co

Jun 05 2011

We sourced this great 4 page article in regards to open innovation which supports our Human-Centred Design principle and especially using ‘outside in’ thinking. 


This article presents insights on the need to

  • Directly engage with current and potential customer to better capture their needs
  • Use an incremental change strategy when using technology
  • Consider using a ‘fast follower’ strategy of proven concept to reduce strategy risk


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Peoplecare - Case Study
30/11/2012 2:43 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Collective Action Toolkit
26/11/2012 7:54 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Corporate Anthropology - The Journal of Business & Design
26/07/2012 6:32 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
The Customer Experience - TP Newsletter May 2012
30/05/2012 8:22 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Midway Sales - Case Study
30/05/2012 12:37 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Design Thinking for Social Innovation - Tim Brown and Jocelyn Wyatt
20/05/2012 6:18 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
D School
26/01/2012 5:15 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
D.School Bootcamp
15/11/2011 5:03 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
RSL Care - New Employee Experience - Case Study
30/10/2011 12:04 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
3 Paths to Open Innovation - Booz&Co
5/06/2011 12:25 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Ridgy Active Clothes - Case Study
30/03/2011 1:23 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
RSLCare - Welcome to our Organisation - Case Study
1/11/2010 12:02 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Community Angel - Case Study
30/10/2010 1:25 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Westpac - Case Study
30/07/2010 12:20 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster

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