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SUGAR: Sweet but Deadly

THE SITUATION - Our Children are pure potential. Yet a lack of nutrition means… A lack of realisation, a lack of actualisation…lack instead of growth.

For the sake of our children’s futures; simplistic thinking  is NOT an option.
This calls for "Design Thinking".

Insurance Human Centred Design – Case Study

Being an exclusive provider of insurance services did not prevent our client from looking for ways to enhance the customer experience.  Tough Problem assisted the niche government agency using Human-Centred Design techniques to help design and deliver a unique member experience. As the client stated  “We wanted to position the organisation to become a valuable partner for our customers, based on a strong mutually-beneficial relations”

A catalogue of our Training Programs - Training Programs

This professionally designed curriculum will help your organisation become more customer-focused and equip your people with the skills & knowledge needed to tackle many of the challenges facing organisations today. 

We provide a full suite of courses that will give you the foundation and experience you need to kick off, run and successfully deliver a project that delivers innovative, new value for customers and your organisation. Our courses can be customised to meet the varying needs of individuals and

We use techniques such as Pre-work, Simulated Experience, Reflection & Adaption and Coaching to strengthen the learning experience. With our blend of theory, practice and reflection we can transfer skills and knowledge to your people so they can confidently apply design
thinking in your organisation.

TP1 - An Introduction to Customer Based Design - Training Program

The End to End Design Experience in one day - ONE DAY WORKSHOP

Deepen your design knowledge by experiencing an end to end design challenge.  This is your opportunity to learn design skills that will help you get ahead of the game.

Use design thinking to add value to your customers through innovative, meaningful experiences with your products or services.

The ability to approach problems in creative ways will be the key differentiator between equals in the new “Value competition” world.

This one-day course will get you using the philosophies and processes that have guided great innovators and designers for decades and set you and your team up to deliver value to your customers and your organisation.

TP2 - Customer Based Design: How to Run a Design project - Training Program

Harness the Power of Customer-Based Design  -  TWO DAY WORKSHOP

Learn how to lead a team of people through a design project to deliver innovative, meaningful and valuable outcomes for your customers and your organisation.

Design projects require a unique balance of creative thinking, stakeholder engagement and project skills. In an age where many products and services are becoming commoditized, successful organisations are able to develop deep insights about the context their products and services live within, then harness the hard and soft sides of design to develop and deliver solutions that work for the customer and the organisation. 

In this engaging and interactive two-day workshop you will learn how to use the tools, philosophies and processes that have guided the great innovators and designers via a comprehensive Customer-Based Design framework.

TP3 - Customer Experience Pathway Mapping - Training Program

Uncover improvement and innovation hotspots  -  TWO DAY WORKSHOP

Deepen your design knowledge by experiencing a technique that will help you think about a product or service from a users perspective to help design something that actually makes sense for them.

Companies develop deeper connections with their customers when they deliver meaningful product and service experiences therefore providing a level of value that helps products and services resist the rapid ‘commodification’ of today’s markets. 

Customer Experience Mapping is an excellent tool for creating a differentiated customer experience. 

Customer Pathways can be used for finding opportunities and for describing how a changed process or system will affect the current customer experience. This course will teach you how to use customer pathways to develop a genuine understanding & empathy for the experience your customers are really having.

Seven Simple Principles - Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be remembered as one of a handful of history’s most elite innovators. He was the classic American entrepreneur — starting his company in the spare bedroom of his parents’ house and pioneering the development of the first personal computer for everyday use. This was a man who was fired from the company he had started, but returned 12 years later to save it from near bankruptcy. Not only that, but in the next 10 years Jobs used Apple to reinvent four different industries — computing, music, telecommunications and entertainment. (Let’s not forget he was the CEO of a little company called Pixar.)

Everyone wants to learn more about what made Steve Jobs tick, yet very few journalists have identified the core  principles that drove Jobs and his success. In his book The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (McGraw-Hill, 2010) Carmine Gallo reveals the 7 principles that were largely responsible for his breakthrough success — principles that guided Jobs throughout his career. 


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[tp] Design Self-Assessment Tool 2
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[tp] Design Self-Assessment Tool 1
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SUGAR: Sweet but Deadly
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Insurance Human Centred Design – Case Study
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AtwoB Information Guide
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A catalogue of our Training Programs - Training Programs
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TP1 - An Introduction to Customer Based Design - Training Program
29/10/2014 3:32 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
TP2 - Customer Based Design: How to Run a Design project - Training Program
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TP3 - Customer Experience Pathway Mapping - Training Program
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Seven Simple Principles - Steve Jobs
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TP4 - Creative Thinking Tools for Business - Training Program
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TP5 - The AtwoB for Strategy Design - Training Program
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TP6 - Dynamic Customer Immersion Research Techniques - Training Program
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TP7 - How to Run a Powerful Invention Workshop - Training Program
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TP8 - Rapid Prototyping Techniques - Training Program
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