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D School

We came across this link to one of our favourite Design Thinking organisation. 

D.School at Stanford University institute of Design has put out a 3 part series of putting Design Thinking to Work

D.School Bootcamp

Written by Institute of Design at Stanford University this is a working document that captures some of the teaching of “design thinking”

This 36 page document covers each mode of a human-centred design, and describes a number of methods which supports your design thinking processes.

RSL Care - New Employee Experience - Case Study

The Starting @ RSL Care project team formed in late 2009 to understand what was happening in the space of induction and orientation. The team began to learn and apply a new methodology – Human-Centred Design, to understand the problem.  At this point in time, the team has been through the first three phases of the Design process: Problem Definition, Discovery-Immersion and Creation. 

The current New Employee Pathway has been designed based on the findings from interviews conducted with new employees in July. This pathway outlines the current experience a new employee has when starting at RSL Care. This has led the team to a number of insights/principles that any solution must meet to improve induction/orientation at RSL Care. Ideas have been developed based on this pathway and the findings from the interview process.  

3 Paths to Open Innovation - Booz&Co

Jun 05 2011

We sourced this great 4 page article in regards to open innovation which supports our Human-Centred Design principle and especially using ‘outside in’ thinking. 


This article presents insights on the need to

  • Directly engage with current and potential customer to better capture their needs
  • Use an incremental change strategy when using technology
  • Consider using a ‘fast follower’ strategy of proven concept to reduce strategy risk

Ridgy Active Clothes - Case Study

Launching a new venture in a tough market   (www.ridgy.com.au)

Launching a new business venture will always be a difficult and risky proposition for an entrepreneur. But launching a clothing brand in the highly competitive sports-fashion industry is almost cut-throat. The margin for error is very small. Our client’s personal experience and know-how in that industry inspired them to exploit a gap in the market. 

They discovered that finding fashionable, functional and affordable ‘active wear’ is more difficult than you might expect – especially in the young adult market. They believed there were opportunity areas along the value chain that would allow them to build a unique value proposition and establish a reputable brand in a global market.   

RSLCare - Welcome to our Organisation - Case Study

The goal - Design a better experience for new employees using Human-Centred Design.

Our client is one of Australia's largest (not for profit) provider of Aged Care Services. In an competitive employment environment, attracting and retaining talented staff is a major focus for organisations. The problem is extremely acute in health and aged care, one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. 

For an employer, developing a ‘differentiated’ employee value proposition has become a strategic priority. An area of concern for our client was the high churn rate of new employees compared to industry averages and extensive analysis revealed that this was having a significant business impact.


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D School
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D.School Bootcamp
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RSL Care - New Employee Experience - Case Study
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3 Paths to Open Innovation - Booz&Co
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Ridgy Active Clothes - Case Study
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RSLCare - Welcome to our Organisation - Case Study
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Community Angel - Case Study
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Westpac - Case Study
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