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[toughproblem] Resource Centre


TP5 - The AtwoB for Strategy Design - Training Program

Tools to build clear, compelling strategies  -  ONE DAY WORKSHOP

Equip yourself with a clear and effective strategic planning approach for tough problems that do not respond directly to logic and analysis and build your roadmap for change. 

Traditionally strategies are built using strongly left brain, analytical, backwards looking techniques. Our A two B approach balances the analytical with the creative and helps teams to understand where they are, imagine a better future and invent a roadmap for getting there.

This course will help you understand the A two B approach, give you hands on experience contributing to one and leave you with a set of great questions you can use to create a clear and actionable strategy for your business.

TP6 - Dynamic Customer Immersion Research Techniques - Training Program

See the world through the customers eyes  -  ONE DAY WORKSHOP

Use active customer engagement techniques to build empathy for your customers and stay one step ahead of your competitors

Designing products, services and experiences that are meaningful and innovative to your customer starts with gaining a genuine empathy for their needs, desires and motivations. To do this we move beyond market surveys and focus groups to research methods such as in-depth interviews, observation and in-context enquiry to lay the foundation for high quality, actionable insights. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to plan, do and synthesise high quality customer research and how this approach will generate deep empathy and insights for your customers.

TP7 - How to Run a Powerful Invention Workshop - Training Program

Tools to generate ground-breaking concepts  -  ONE DAY WORKSHOP

Good ideas are the engine-room for competitive advantage and business success. Equip yourself with the process, tools and techniques to tap into the creative potential within your organisation.

The evidence, insights and intuition developed through Problem Finding and Immersion have inspired the team. 

You now need to turn those insights into ideas and give yourself the raw materials to create awesome customer and business value. 

This one-day workshop will provide you with the skills and tools you need to run effective idea generating workshops and to start the process of translating those insights into business ideas.

TP9 - Performance Enhancing Thinking Tools for Teams - Training Program

Performance Enhancing Thinking Tools for Teams  -  ONE DAY WORKSHOP

Unleash the power of visualisation, dialogue and heuristics to help you think, create and plan your way out of tough problems.

Teamwork and collaboration are increasingly needed in the complex, rapidly-changing business world. Someone once said “the thinking that got you into the problem is unlikely to be the thinking that gets you out of the problem”.  Do you sometimes think “where do I start?” or “what can I do from here?”. 

This course is designed to teach you a selection of tools for tackling tough (“wicked”) problems, and finding convincing paths forward. Throughout the day we introduce and get you using Visualisation, Dialogue and Heuristic tools that will help you and others think your way out of tough problems. 

These tools will help you make sense of the complexity surrounding the problems we face in organisations today?


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Design Thinking for Social Innovation - Tim Brown and Jocelyn Wyatt
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D School
26/01/2012 5:15 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
D.School Bootcamp
15/11/2011 5:03 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
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30/10/2011 12:04 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
3 Paths to Open Innovation - Booz&Co
5/06/2011 12:25 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Ridgy Active Clothes - Case Study
30/03/2011 1:23 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
RSLCare - Welcome to our Organisation - Case Study
1/11/2010 12:02 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
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Westpac - Case Study
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