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Hornet plays pivotal role in company transformation - Case Study

A large manufacturing company had performed strongly over decades, however a significant deterioration in market conditions had significantly impacted revenue forecasts and ultimately the projected NPAT for 2016/17 and 2017/18. This forced the company to re-assess its strategy to address the headwinds. 

The company had strict Bank Covenant ratios (around debt) and needed to be pro-active, otherwise they would exceed these ratios. To ensure they remained in a strong financial position, the Board supported a management proposal to implement a Transformation Program.

Insurance Human Centred Design – Case Study

Being an exclusive provider of insurance services did not prevent our client from looking for ways to enhance the customer experience.  Tough Problem assisted the niche government agency using Human-Centred Design techniques to help design and deliver a unique member experience. As the client stated  “We wanted to position the organisation to become a valuable partner for our customers, based on a strong mutually-beneficial relations”

Peoplecare - Case Study

During 2012 Peoplecare a niche player in the Health Insurance sector engaged toughproblem to help it design and deliver a unique member experience.


At some stage, even a niche player is bound to attract attention if they consistently demonstrate industry outperformance. 

Midway Sales - Case Study

One of our clients, Midway Sales, is Australia’s largest importer and retailer of Chinese tractors and a fully Australian owned and operated family business.


Using the A two B process Midway Sales was able to refocus its core purpose, re-energise the directors as well has a clear strategic roadmap with planned goals to reach success.

Ridgy Active Clothes - Case Study

Launching a new venture in a tough market   (www.ridgy.com.au)

Launching a new business venture will always be a difficult and risky proposition for an entrepreneur. But launching a clothing brand in the highly competitive sports-fashion industry is almost cut-throat. The margin for error is very small. Our client’s personal experience and know-how in that industry inspired them to exploit a gap in the market. 

They discovered that finding fashionable, functional and affordable ‘active wear’ is more difficult than you might expect – especially in the young adult market. They believed there were opportunity areas along the value chain that would allow them to build a unique value proposition and establish a reputable brand in a global market.   

RSLCare - Welcome to our Organisation - Case Study

The goal - Design a better experience for new employees using Human-Centred Design.

Our client is one of Australia's largest (not for profit) provider of Aged Care Services. In an competitive employment environment, attracting and retaining talented staff is a major focus for organisations. The problem is extremely acute in health and aged care, one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. 

For an employer, developing a ‘differentiated’ employee value proposition has become a strategic priority. An area of concern for our client was the high churn rate of new employees compared to industry averages and extensive analysis revealed that this was having a significant business impact.


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Hornet plays pivotal role in company transformation - Case Study
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Dry Hire Online - Case Study
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Peoplecare - Case Study
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Midway Sales - Case Study
30/05/2012 12:37 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Ridgy Active Clothes - Case Study
30/03/2011 1:23 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
RSLCare - Welcome to our Organisation - Case Study
1/11/2010 12:02 PM | Tough Problem WebMaster
Community Angel - Case Study
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Westpac - Case Study
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