a feeling for your organisation

Traditional consultants believe that it is possible to analytically solve tough problems, develop a program of work and release the benefits. 

This sort of approach works well for problems in the mechanical world where a correct answer exists. 

However, problems that are complex or chaotic, “wicked problems” don’t often yield to such direct attacks. 

We prefer to tackle tough problems in the following way:


Unlike other top tier consultancies we believe that the answer is in the room. Our goal is to facilitate your team’s natural intelligence and focus it into solutions that help you move from Problem to Performance.
We use 'Human Centred Design' thinking for strategy development so you can design a strategy that is unique to your organisation.
We believe that simple solutions live on the other side of complexity. .
We get people talking and visualising concepts that help.
We like to spend time in the field with your customers and front line people to ensure we understand their reality.
We synthesise your intent with the reality on the ground to help you develop concrete.