our origin

Our Origin

[toughproblem] was forged in the fires of an ASX Top 20 organisation undergoing great change as it sought to become more customer driven. 

The founders built a Human-Centred Design (Customer) culture, Tool kit and Curriculum through input from world class design organisations such as IDEO and Cheskin, cold hard experience and many iterations.

Over 1000 people have attended our design courses and a thriving design community exists to create and deliver innovative solutions to business and customer problems. 

Experience tells us that the key to developing better futures for our clients lies in the arts of Dialogue and Design. We harness the hard and soft sides of humans to empower them to think and act together more effectively, helping them proactively and purposefully create better futures for themselves, their organisations and their communities. 


Our Foundation Principal
We believe in:
  • Understanding context in the wider system
  • Using the whole brain to solve problems
  • Using powerful questions and engaging conversations
  • Thinking beyond economic outcomes
  • Seeing through beginners eyes
  • Action to quickly test and improve ideas
We use design to help humans connect with organisations through innovative and meaningful products, services and experiences.