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An introduction to
Human-Centred Design

The End to End Design Experience in one day
Deepen your design knowledge by experiencing an end to end design challenge. This is your opportunity to learn design skills that will help you get ahead of the game.

Overview: Use design thinking to add value to your customers through innovative, meaningful experiences with your products or services. The ability to approach problems in creative ways will be the key differentiator between equals in the new “Value competition” world.

This one-day course will get you using the philosophies and processes that have guided great innovators and designers for decades and set you and your team up to deliver value to your customers and your organisation.

Learning Experience & Outcomes --- You will:
  • Gain experience using design thinking to solve problems
  • Explore and define tough problems through high quality questions
  • Use active customer engagement techniques to build empathy for your customers
  • Learn techniques which encourage divergent, creative thinking
  • Use both sides of your brain to create profitable products and services that customers love
  • Be able to help your team improve the quality of their thinking and the success of their projects with your experience and a high quality ‘how to do design’ manual

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Customer Experience
Pathway Mapping

Uncover improvement and innovation hotspots
Deepen your design knowledge by experiencing a technique that will help you think about a product or service from a users perspective to help design something that actually makes sense for them.

Overview: Companies develop deeper connections with their customers when they deliver meaningful product and service experiences therefore providing a level of value that helps products and services resist the rapid 'commodification' of today's markets. Customer Experience Mapping is an excellent tool for creating a differentiated customer experience. Customer Pathways can be used for finding opportunities and for describing how a changed process or system will affect the current customer experience. This course will teach you how to use customer pathways to develop a genuine understanding & empathy for the experience your customers are really having.
Learning Experience & Outcomes --- You will:


  • Learn about and experience using a simple yet versatile tool to understand how a customer ‘actually’ interacts and would like to interact with your products and services
  • Use pathway mapping techniques to capture the key interactions that users of a system experience and what they (Think, Feel, Do) during these interactions
  • Apply the 5 E's heuristic (Entice, Enter, Engage, Exit, Extend)
  • Uncover opportunities to improve an existing experience or identify 'white spaces' to create new ones
  • Learn how this approach can connect with other business analysis or project tools

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The AtwoB for
Strategy Design

Tools to build clear, compelling strategies
Equip yourself with a clear and effective strategic planning approach for tough problems that do not respond directly to logic and analysis and build your roadmap for change.

Overview: raditionally strategies are built using strongly left brain, analytical, backwards looking techniques. Our A two B approach balances the analytical with the creative and helps teams to understand where they are, imagine a better future and invent a roadmap for getting there.

This course will help you understand the A two B approach, give you hands on experience contributing to one and leave you with a set of great questions you can use to create a clear and actionable strategy for your business.

Learning Experience & Outcomes --- You will:
  • Learn to use a simple yet versatile framework to deal with messy, complex problems such as strategic planning or product and service design
  • Learn to plan, design, run and record an effective strategic dialogue workshop
  • Use high quality questions to help you move through the various stages of the A two B
  • Use visualisation techniques such as mind-mapping and heuristics to challenge thinking, enhance collaboration and record the conversation
  • Apply highly engaging facilitation techniques to surface realities, imagine a compelling future and develop your strategic roadmap
  • Create an A two B of your own

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